I have just upgraded 3 servers in 3 separate trees to NW6.0sp3. There are
now 3 NW6 servers in a single tree. One server is across a WAN connection
with low traffic; the two sites each have a different private class C. There
are no DNS or DHCP servers on the network. DNS for internet browsing is
provided by the ISP.

In the new tree, each geographic location is an OU under the O object, with
the business units below the grogrpahic OU in several sub-OU's. I'd like to
have each location run it's own DHCP & DNS, so can I create a DHCP container
in both of the two goegraphic OU's? Then, run DHCP services on 1 server at
each of the two geographical locations?

Now for the weird question. Actually, there is a "legacy" tree containing
the "old" version of that site's server. It is in production; for reasons
to lengthy to go into here, I am manually recreating the NDS objects etc. on
the replacement server that is already up and running in the tree.

However, what I'd like to do if possible, is to let the new server at this
location begin providing IP addresses via DHCP. The users at this site are
not yet able to authenticate to the new site/tree, but it would be a huge
help if I can get the IP addresses reassigned via DHCP before I move
everyone to the new server. Is this possible?

Alternatively, I could quickly set up an MS 2000 server as a DHCP server and
take it down when I move everyone. But I'd prefer to be MS-free......!

Thanks for any help/suggestions!