I have a nt4svr that is going to be retired, it currently runs dns/dhcp. I
will be moving it over to a nw51sp6 server. I setup the dns server object &
the "mydomain.tld" within the dns/dhcp manager, then ran "named -v -zi
mydomain.tld" at the server console & watched it suck up the entries, that
seemed to go ok. What are the steps for exporting & importing the dhcp from
nt4 to nw51sp6? At the same time I would also like to expand the scope from
..50-175 to .50-225, would i just edit a file at a certian point?

Keith V. Klenke
Hey everyone,
I just wanted to let you know there is a site that may be of some use. A
lot of people who work with Novell products, and are VERY good with
implementations and troubleshooting, frequent the site. You can find it at: