We're running DHCPSRVR 3.11.04 and currently have one subnet (data, VLAN
1) assigned to 192.168.32.x. We're trying to get a second subnet for
phones (voice, VLAN 172) established on 192.168.33.x.

I defined a second subnet with (mask and a
subnet range of

Option 6 (Router) is configured to for the first subnet and for the second (Router is a Cisco 3550).
Option 176,(Vendor Class Identifier) is
MCIPADD=,MCPORT=1719,TFTPSRVR=192.168. 33.254,L2Q=1,L2QVLAN=172.
The Cisco has a DHCP helper address of, the location of the
DHCP server. The DHCP helper should bridge the DHCP broadcast from the 172
VLAN back to VLAN 1.

Once implemented, the PCs continue to function appropriately, but the
phones never get all the way there. They seemingly get the 176 string from
the 32.x subnet (they are showing the appropriate VLAN setting), but they
never get an IP address on the 33 subnet.


Most gratefully!
Steven Eichner