I have a NW6 SP3 server running DHCP and DNS. I want to remove DNS from
this server and move it another NW6 SP3 box (same tree, same subnet, server
objects are in the same context), but leave the DHCP alone. I found TID
10055366 which lists the steps as:

1. Unload NAMED.NLM from old DNS server.
2. Create the server object through the DNS/DHCP Management Console. After
the server has been created, the server will show up in the Available DNS
Servers list when you click on the DNS Zone. If you highlight the available
server you will have the option to add the server to the list. Add the new
DNS server.
3. Hit the Tree Refresh tab on the tool bar.
4. Load NAMED.NLM on the new server.

and I guess step 5 would be to delete the 'old' dns server object from the
'DNS/DHCP Management Console'?

Is there anything else? Does this sound right to everyone?

Scott Bunting