I have a NW 6.5 server (newest support pack), and I'm having a couple of strange errors on the server console screen, and the DNS/DHCP screens. I have turned on debug mode for the DHCP server, I also have turned on the named debug screen as well. On the server console I receive the following error: cannot add FQDN: domain name, with IP address xx.xx.xx.xx to DNS server, and on the named screen the error is as follows: error: client xx.xx.xx.xx#xxxx Novell dynamic update:zone not found for reverse update . I have a in address arpa zone created but it doesn't seem to be recognized, I have done this several times with NW 6, and it has worked fine. Is there something different with NW 6.5 or is there a step I'm missing. I have downloaded the T.I.D.'s regarding this but nothing has helped. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and thank you for any help that you can offer.