We have an external DNS server ( that resolves all our
exteral hosts and IP's. Have setup an internal to resolve our internal
Intranet hosts and IP's etc. Our domain name is nash.cc.nc.us or
nashcc.edu. I have installed DNS as well as management console. We need
to have several INTERNAL host names to resolve: -
www.nashcc.edu - bb.nashcc.edu, email.nashcc.edu The
DNS Server name is Ncc_Studdev, IP address, I have created a
Primary zone named NASHCC, as well as IN-ADDR.ARPA for each and a CNAME
and PTR record also. For example IN-ADDR.ARPA with CNAME -
www.nashcc.edu and PTR www.nashcc.edu under it.

I have also created domain names: www.nashcc.edu with an A record

What am I missing here? Nothing is resolving. I keep getting host
unknown. I have the set as my Primary DNS server.

Using Netware 5.0 for DNS. Your help is greatly appreciated!!