I installed the DNSDHCP Java Management Console Update on my machine, which
is a WinXP with Netware client version SP1a, and while it works
fine initially, at random points (sometimes when I'm opening branches, or
closing the manager) it will completely freeze my computer, and by
completely I mean it's completely stuck and I have to power off and on.

I had to upgrade to the updated DNSDHCP after I put on client 4.9x, as the
previous no longer work after the NWclient update - this was noted in a TID
that I found and it suggested to update to the new console, which I did.

I also have the Symantec Antivirus and their MMC console - there was another
message thread in this forum back from Jun/2003 "Re: GUI freezes on
Win2k-DHCP Clients + Symantec Antivir Corporate Edition", but there was no
resolution to that thread. Not sure if my problem is related...

Anyways, any comments appreciated, the way it is now I can't manage my DHCP
servers except by going to an old machine that doesn't have the newer client