Hello out there
We have a problem with our DHCP. After we make changes for a new client,
or just make changes to existing client, the client get the new ip-
address, but first after we have restarted the DHCPSRVR.

The Dhcpsrvr is running on a NW6.0 sp4, in a cluster environment. Before
this it was running on a NW5.1 sp7, but we had the same problem here.

We have a lot of subnets in our dhcp. Our subnet are configured in
dynamic mode (with subnet address ranges), but we control all the address
assignments. The procedure is - we create an IP address, set the
assignment type to "Manual," enter the MAC address in the "MAC address"
field, and leave the other fields at the default. All other ip addresses
are excluded until we need them for new clients.

Hope anyone can help us.
Thanks from Denmark/ Peter