Hey all,

I have been managing internal DNS servers for our DNS domain for some time,
and have recently brought up two external DNS servers so we can become
authoritative for our public DNS domains (previously, they were hosted by an
ISP). We have a new DNS domain that is to be visible both from the Internet
and our internal network. Let's call it testdomain.org.

I set up the External DNS servers and made them authoritative for
testdomain.org and set up a web host. Both of the DNS servers and the web
host are in our DMZ with private IP addresses that are NATted to the
outside. DNS resolutions from the outside are working perfectly great for
this domain. Anyone on the Internet is able to resolve the host and see the
website from the outside. My problem is, can I now set up records for the
same domain on my internal DNS servers so that machines in my private
network can use the internal IP address?

I tried to set up another zone with the same name in DNSDHCP mgmt console
and make the internal servers authoritative, but I wasn't allowed to do so.
Has anyone done this?