after applying NW6 SP4 on my Server (HP Proliant ML370) the DHCP-Server
does not work anymore. I start the server with dhcpsrvr -d1 and the
follwoing error occured:
"No LAN based IP address assignment is possible." I found TID 10060274
which says the DHCP server object may be corrupt and i should remove all
the DNS/DHCP objects from my tree. But thats not a solution for us. I
switched the DHCP-service to another Server (NW6SP3) in the same subnet
and it all works fine. So i don't think the DHCP-Server object is
corrupt. But i would like to use my regular DHCP-Server again. Are
there any known problems with SP4 and DHCP?
Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

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