Hello all,

I have set up the NW5SP6a server (NAMED v5.05) as a primary DNS server
and want to use a linux machine (BIND 9.3.1) as a secondary one. But the
zone transfer to linux fails (error message: "receiving responses: extra
input data").
When testing using the linux tool "host" from SuSE Linux 9 I get the
error message ";;ERROR: ID mismatch: expected ID 23949, got 0". So I
traced the IP traffic with ethereal when executing "host -l optisoft.de"
on the linux machine. In short it look like this:

1. Standard query AXFR optisoft.de
Transaction ID: 0x5d8d (which is 23949 in decimal)
2. Standard query response SOA optisoft.de
Transaction ID: 0x5d8d (same as above)
3. Standard query response[Short Frame]
Transaction ID: 0 (this is wrong, isn't it?)

Is this a bug in NAMED.NLM? How to ge this working?
I tried several versions of NAMED.NLM up to the one from NW51SP6, but
nothing helps ...

Any ideas?

Best Regards
Tilo Koeppe

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