I have an app that proxies IP for blue tooth devices (read palm PDAs) via
a blue tooth PPP session. The DHCP part works but DNS does not resolve.
After sending several log files to the app author this is the response I
"According to your log files we can say that some software (personal or
corporative firewall, or your local DNS server) rejects DNS requests sent
from a dynamic source port. In some systems there is a very strict rule -
"reject DNS requests not made from 53 source port". Unfortunately we
can't make these requests from source port 53, only from a dynamic port.
Please refer your network or system administrator concerning this
Iíve eliminated everything but the DNS server and I have not been able to
find ANYTHING about this in the support knowledge base. I've tried both
a NW 6SP3&4 named server and a NW65SP1 server to no avail. Any input
would be greatly appreciated.

Tracy Carlton