I have a NW6.0 sp4 SAN that is running DHCP service. I have a NW6.5 sp1
server that has two nics, one to the same network as the SAN, the other
to a private network. I'm trying to get a DHCP address to a
client on the private network. I have dhcpsrv -d3 loaded and see the
request from the client (confirmed MAC address) and I see the ACK go out
to the client but the client (WinXP) never sets the IP address. On the
2 nic server I see (from TCPIP DEBUG) -
Discard Incoming: cause(UNSPECIFIED DISCARD), reason(4)
for anything pertaining to x.x.x.255 address. How do I get the 2 nic
server to forward the ACK to my private clients?

I have BOOTP Forward enabled with the IP address of the DHCP server and
have tried NAT Implicit Filtering, RIP Enabled, and various combinations.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.