I'm running DHCP on a NW6sp3 server. My clients are XP with 4.83sp2. I have 2 subnets configured in DHCP.

I'm having an odd problem with a workstation running DHCP. I've plugged the workstation into subnet 1 and received an IP address. Then I shut down and plug the workstation into subnet 2 and the workstation gets the same IP it had from subnet 1. How could this be happening? When it get's that IP from subnet1 the DHCP server shows that it takes that IP, only it's plugged in to subnet 2. IP doesn't work on the workstation when it's assigned an IP from subnet 1 but plugged in to subnet 2 (I can't ping it or ping anything from it.) I've tried deleting that IP from the DHCP server, but it keeps coming back if the workstation requests an IP.

Am I missing something here?