Our current LAN is in a single private subnet (a class B with a class C
subnet mask)-

We've grown and need to expand the IP address space.

Our WAN provider (everything is outsourced these days) has given us an
additional 500+ addresses by giving us

We'll be adding these addresses by using a Cisco 4500 series Layer 3
switch. We'll be keeping the addresses for all of our
servers/printers, etc. All we're moving into the new address space is
our users who are in the DHCP pool.

My NetWare 6.0/sp3 DNS/DHCP server will of course be staying in the space. However, I need it to hand out IP addresses in the space.

From what I remember, all I have to do is give the NIC on the server a
secondary IP address in the new IP space and set up DHCP to hand out a
new pool in the new space.