Using iManager I accidentally removed the default dhcp server from a couple
of subnets while changing the dns entries for these subnets. What I am
seeing now is that all my leases on all subnets ranges have become
permanent even though every subnet is set to a 3 day lease. I am also
seeing frequent unauthorized assignment types on assignments we have
manually defined.

It was when I went into one of the subnets that I had modified using the
Management Console that I received the error about the default server. I
re-entered the default server but the damage appears to have been done. I
suspect that the change of the lease to permanent on the server is causing
the assignment type to change to unauthorized when the client requests it's
IP ( it still thinks it's lease is expired )

Why did the lease flag change to permanent on all the address ranges? Is
there an easy way to put them back to 3 days? Note: We have around 2000
manually assigned ips.

Any input would be appeciated.