I have not had the NW6/SP4 server supplying DHCP in the past, but need to
implement it now. Some time ago, I started the process, and so I have to
clean that up first & then make it work. I have only set up DHCP on
Windows servers & routers; I find the Netware DHCP mgr a bit confusing &
could use some help.

The sole server is at I know that my past attempt was to
define it as the DHCP server, but I think I started out in NWAdmin
(earlier SP level on NW6) and now have to go through DHCP mgr. In any
case, I tried to delete everything but I'm now left with the "Root Server"
in DHCP mgr, showing at I don't know if the DHCP mgr
program created this, or if I typo'd, or ??? (It is very different from
every other DHCP server setup I've done, it seems. For those, it was just
a matter of entering the server address, entering other known servers at
fixed IPs, then entering the pool range, and that's about all.)

If I delete this "root server" in the DHCP Mgr, I *am* JUST deleting the
DHCP entry, right? I'm not going to be damaging the server's TCP/IP
functionality or deleting the actual file server from the tree or anything
else equally deadly? Or should I leave it there?

I just want to start from scratch & have a hard time understanding the
interface; the "root server" I'm looking at in the DHCP mgr is JUST for
DHCP, right?

Thanks, and sorry for just not "getting it".

-- DE