I'm not sure I understand the point of an 'exclusion' type SAR object. We've
got some subnets where some old devices have been setup with static
addresses right in the middle of what should be the dynamic range, and we
can't easily change these static addresses. I was under the impression that
I might be able to create a dynamic range and then use an exclusion range to
exclude a range within the dynamic range, but of course it gives an error
saying "the ranges overlap". I was hoping for something a little more
flexible i.e. "make 100-250 dynamic, except for 80-90".

So what does an exclusion range do? How is excluding a range of addresses
any different than simply not including that range of addresses in any
dynamic address ranges?

As mentioned above, we have a number of static IP-address devices, and to
prevent these addresses being assigned to DHCP I'm simply not including
those addresses in the Dynamic range.


Steve Law