I just upgraded from NW 6.0 to 6.5. DNS/DHCP was working great before the
upgrade. DHCP is still working fine, but now the management console cannot
connect to the DNS server. I have a dead icon with the red X in the lower
left corner, as though it can't see/connect to the DNS server, even though
named (ver. 6.00) is loaded and running without any errors at the console.
Also, if I try to add or change anything in DNS, the icon for "Save data
to NDS" is dead. If I switch over to the DHCP tab, everything works fine.

I've re-installed the DNS/DHCP management console more than once (on a
couple of different PCs), deleted all my objects more than once, re-
created them (using DNIPINST), run dsrepairs, etc. What is wrong here?
Please help. Thanks.