We have problems by getting IP's from our NW 6.5 DHCP Server form the
Small Buisness Edition.
Getting the IP's for the Workstation works perfect, even for some of our
older HP Printers it works.
It just happens with our new HP Laserjet 4000TN printers.
We tried 2 modes:
1. Bootp : The log of the DHCP Server shows DHCPRequest And did an DHCP
awnser. But the printer configuration does not show the IP, even ping does
not work.

2. DHCP: By using DHCP we get "AMAGET() err=23 Error After DHCP Cache have
been searching for Client" in LOG File.

Assigning an static IP works fine with the printer, only DHCP and BOOTP do
not work.

I am absolutly shure that our configuration is OK, we have defined 2 DHCP
Adress Ranges. One only with Bootp for the printers, the otherone only
with dhcp.

The confusing thing is, that it works for some and for some not. By the
way, we even updated the Firmeware of the printers, but that didn't
changed anything.

Please Help, thanks