I have a company that I setup DNS for the first time. They are a small
company and are only using Cable Modem for their network. I just setup a
new domain name for them and I have DNS working on a new NetWare 6.5
server in their office. I configured their server as the authoritive DNS
server with the registrar. I had to pick two DNS server for the
registrars so I used one of mine.

I set mine to be a secondary server just to cache the original server.
It doesn't seem to be working in 24 hours it has copied the DNS entries.
Here is the setup.

The main site has a NetWare 6.5 server. The second site has a NetWare
6.0 server. On the 6.0 server I set the Zone type as secondary and
pointed the Zone Master IP address to the server at the main site.
Should this update automatically? Do I have to do anything else? Do I
need to open any other ports besides 53 on the firewalls?

Thanks for any information.

John Jakus