Hi All,

I have 2 NW65 servers and 2 NW6 servers all serving together a Zone. I
would like to take out of production my 2 old servers NW6 but I am
currently receiving this error... "critical: Unable to get all RR's of
zone 5.130.IN-ADDR.ARPA/IN with error -303"on the NW65 servers.

I have already cleared the RO flag on the files inside the foled
Sys:etc\dns\. But when I check them again after few hour runing the named
they appear as Read Only and this error start to show in the named console

There are no servers defined as Secondary for any of these zones
Both servers NW 6.5 as well as other NW6 are authoritative for these

I am only receiving this error on the NW6.5

All servers in the same NDS tree

All servers have a RW replica of the NDS partition containing the

I don't know why those file appear again as RO
I don't know whiy I get that Critical error message