Good afternoon,

Not exactly sure how to say this, but here it goes......

We have both a Netware 5.1 and a Windows 2000 domain on a private IP
network. We currently have our internet domain registed and our website
hosted by a third party. Our ISP (not our domain host) is hosting our
internet e-mail, which we will be moving the e-mail in-house later this
year. We use Groupwise 6 for internal mail. We're having to install an smtp
server (Postfix on Redhat 9) to resolve a timeout problem when sending
e-mail with attachments and when I configure the smtp server, it's looking
for a domain name. Both the primary standard zone for our Netware network
and the domain name of our Windows 2000 network have been setup as the same
name as our internet domain. My question is one of design. Since we will be
hosting our own e-mail by the end of the year and on the smtp server we will
need to provide some kind of domain name, what's the best way to proceed
with this? Also, I guess I'm not quite sure what domain name to use (our
'internal' or internet domain name) when I setup the smtp server.