I have a single NW5.1 sp7 server on our LAN, and the LAN is connected to
the internet through an eSoft Instagate EX2 router. I have been using the
Instagate as the DNS/DHCP server, but because of some planned
reconfigurations I wanted to switch to using the NetWare server instead. I
set up the DNS server and the DHCP server using Joe Moore's book. Now the
DHCP server seems to be working fine, but whenever a workstation logs on,
I get "Cannot add FQDN: NAME.DOMAIN with address: 192.168.x.x to DNS
server." The Troubleshooting section of Joe's book says I would get that
error if I did not create the IN-ADDR.ARPA zones, but I did in fact create
these in the setup. What should I look for next?

Bob Porter