I have to switch internet service providers and they have put me in
a bind. I am running netware 6sp4 and have it set up as follows. I have
everyone manually configured to use IP with 10.1.0.XXX addresses on a subnet. The server serves as a NAT Gateway at on that gets in contact with the outside world. My delema is
that with the ISP switch they will be putting me on a
subnet for the public addresses. Do i need to change the subnet for the
10.1.0.XXX so it will work with the new ISP. I have moved the server
side to and the client workstations can still operate as
normal. How can this be. Will my network crash when i change the public
ip addresses of the servers? Or is it only a cosmetic issure that will
not effect anything as i can move everyone to before i start
the isp switch. Or have i totally missed something. I have switched the
servers through inetcfg. Is there anywhere else i should be checking.