Tracing with nslookup shows the following problem with
NAMED 5.10f :

Novell nameserver is authorative for the domain "test.local"
and the subzone "sub.test.local" is delegated to another
nameserver via glue records. If you try to resolve
the name "host.sub.test.local" all works correct until
the TTL of the A record "host.sub.test.local" times
out. From that moment on the Novell nameserver
returns a NXDOMAIN (notfound) and is no longer
able to resolve the name and the authority records in
the response shows the dns rootservers to be authorative
and no longer the correct nameserver. For the specified
domain this will not work as it is not an official registered
domain name.

2.) Same scenario as above. If you try to resolve the
non-existent name badhost.sub.test.local the novell
nameserver returns a NXDOMAIN (notfound) as
expected. Following requests for the identical hostanme
fail even if the host was created meanwhile. So the
novell nameserver does "negative response caching"
as specified in RFC 1034 even if no SOA record
was returned in the authority section where the MINIMUM
field should specify the TTL of the negative
response. In TID10065790 I found that the minimum
TTL for cached records was changed to 0 with NAMED 5.10c
so this should also apply to negative response caching.

Any suggestions or comments ?
Frank Gruber.