- NW6 SP4
- DHCP 3.13.03
- eDir 8.7.3
- NWClient 4.90 SP1a
- Windows 2000 Pro

I have setup DHCP options 78 & 79 and they seem to work on most
workstations, but I am now getting some workstations that are no longer
seing the DA

If I run SLPINFO /D -- nothing!

However, if I add the DA & Scope at the client, all is well.

The problem may be with DHCP.

I took a trace, and not all of the options are being pushed to the client.

I unloaded/loaded DHCPSRVR, and this did not correct the problem. I ran
DSREPAIR (0 errors), reloaded DHCP and took another trace. This time the
options were sent to the workstation.

After a while the problem arises again!!!

Any ideas?