NW51 server was running DHCP fine. Performed some upgrades, applied SP7,
added a LTO drive, and added a Intel Pro1000 NIC, in that order. I
suspect the NIC was the root cause of all this because I've never seen
SP7 shut down DHCP before.

The Pro1000 NIC was a performance upgrade for the LAN segment that was
perviously handled by an existing built on NIC. After physical install,
I loaded drivers for the Pro1000. Removed IPX and IP bindings for the
old built on NIC and replicated the bindings to the Pro1000. DHCP server
would load, no errors, but will not hand out any addresses.

I've downloaded and istalled newest drivers from Intel's site. Deleted
and recreated the DHCP objects. Tried moving the bindings back to the
original NIC. DS is heathy. The error at the WS end is a tomeout on
DHCP server not found. With a packet trace I can see the WS DHCP
requests enter the server, but the DHCP sever never sees the request on
the Debug screen. If I manually bind an IP to a WS in the DHCP range,
the WS has all expected IP services.

Other info that may be helpful, server is running Border Manager and
vpslave. Server is connected to other servers via interent. Public
binding in on a seperate NIC not included in the above description.

Any ideas on what to try next?