We have a Mitel MN3300 IP telephony phone switch with Mitel IP handsets.

To achieve QoS we need to configure two separate VLANs one for the phones
one for the PCs.

When the phone boots it has no idea about which VLAN it is on. It gets a
DHCP address from our Netware 6.0Sp4a server which we have set some Global
DHCP options:

130 IP PHone identifier (String).
132 Mitel VLAN_ID (4byte unsigned integer).
133 Mitel Prioirty (4byte unsigned integer).
When setting this up we were working from notes that configure an NT DHCP
server (which works) but uses the data type 'Long' and a value in hex (so
you need to put in 0x2 for VLAN_ID 2). We guessed that Long in Novell speak
was a 4 Byte unsigned integer and assumed that it would already be in hex so
set the value to 2. This did not work - the phone does not know about the
VLAN and hence does not work. When the phone boots it correctly identifies
itself through option 130 which is"MITEL IP PHONE" -it's just that 132 comes
up with "42270982" instead of "2" whichis supposed to be the vlan ID.Any
input to this issue would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to have to
replace my Novell DHCP server with something else...Cheers!John Steven