We've just 'gone live' with DNS-DHCP on Netware 6, all working well. Netware
DNS-DHCP has been used to replace an all-singing all-dancing QIP
implementation which did everything but costs thousands every year for
support and licensing. The old administrators of that are moaning about the
limitations of Netware in comparison.

I'm wondering how to generate reports on which IP addresses have been
assigned, which exclusions created, how many cnames we're using etc. I've
had a look in ConsoleOne and although there are a number of DNIP objects I
can search on their attributes do not match anything I'm familiar with.

For example an IP address exclusion object seems to have an "Assignment
Types" of 128 - does this refer to it being an exclusion object?

So is there was any tool or procedure available for generating basic reports
of DNS-DHCP activity/assignments?


Steve Law