I am setting up a Novell DNS server on NW6 sp4 to allow me to use Dynamic DNS for workstation netbios name resolution. My main DNS server controlled by our perimeter guys is using some version of BIND. I have my DNS server setup as a secondary zone and a secondary IN-ADDR.ARPA zone as well. The BIND server is set to allow zone transfers to the Novell DNS server. I get an error during a zone-in transfer. Also I have set my primary DNS server as the forwarder for my Novell server but it seems to work for some things but not others. If I set my workstation to only use the Novell DNS I can browse the Internet all day long but I cannot resolve internal host names. For instance we have created records in our primary DNS server for all the Netware boxes, when I use that DNS server I can resolve them but not when I use my Novell DNS server. I guess my long term goal is to have a local Novell DNS server setup for DDNS for workstation name resolution and for local DNS lookups with my BIND server being the primary for network devices that I create records for. I am not allowing zone-out transfers from Novell to my primary as I don't want all the workstation records on that box. Any help would be appreciated.