If I install DNS to our server that has the Master Replica, Master Time
Sync, etc. Should I also install it to the BorderManager Server? I think
I am still getting a little confused between external DNS and internal
DNS and think I should think of it as one. We want to have internal name
resolution for services like iPrint, however we would also like to have
it configured so when internal users who want to access the web server in
our DMZ, they don't have to query outside the LAN to access it. I have a
Microsoft DNS server at home which I have setup to handle all my local
DNS, but it also stores external references ... If it doesn't know the IP
of a request, it then queries my ISPs DNS Server, etc.

Sorry for the confusing phrasing ... If I only need one DNS server, is it
better off on the BorderManager server whereas all the workstations are
already pointing to it for name resolutions?

Thank You, Tony