We have a Netware 6.5 SP1a server

Windows XP workstations (varying patch levels)

The workstations have a reserved IP address delivered from the DHCP server.

This works fine on Windows 98 workstations, but on XP workstations if the
lease is a reserved (permanent) lease, the lease expiry shows 1-Jan-1970.
The result of this is the workstation drops drops packets.

If I change this to either a static address, or a standard timed lease the
problem is not evident.

This is identified in a TID from Novell, however there is no fix offered.


I have found instances on the forums dating back to 2002 and Netware 5.1
where other people have encountered the same thing that point to a 32 bit
limitation with the internet start time 1-Jan-1970 on Windows XP, but I
cannot find anything of assistance from Microsoft's knowledgebase.

Has anyone encoutered this and have any fix or workaround?