I may have posted this in the wrong forum earlier so I am reposting in
here. We have NW5.1sp6 and running NAT and dhcp through a Cisco router.
We moved the DNS to our ISP's server. Now here is the problem:

We had an internal server as a DNS/dhcp server. As I would
monitor logs through BorderManager, we were being pounded with DNS and
ICMP requests constantly. Ports were being accessed such as 445,901,
etc. So, decided to let the ISP handle the DNS server for
us. Isn't it more secure to let your ISP handle your DNS server? We
unloaded the DNS module after we set up the DNS ISP server addresses on
the router. We are running NAT on the router also. The problem is now
the GroupWise Web Mail cannot be accessed, and we cannot access our
website if we are on an internal pc within our network. I have tried
setting up DNS on individual PC's but it doesn't make a difference. I can
reach our website from outside the network. Do I need to run the DNS
server again instead of letting the ISP handle this. I have tried
everything to get this to work. Also, the DHCP is now set up on the
router. Any idea what I am doing wrong. I have checked the host file on
the internal server that handled our GW Mail and web, they are all
pointing the the correct server reference.

Any idea what I am doing wrong or how I can solve this? Regardless of how
I set up the individual PC's to reference the ISP DNS, it doesn't solve
the problem. Besides, this would eliminate the problem of not being able
to access the GW web mail would it?

You help would be greatly appreciated. thank you