I recently moved DNS/DHCP from an old Linux box to a NetWare server (NW 5.1
sp7). The server is functioning in every aspect but I'm having DNS
problems. Resolving names outside our internal network is not happening as
it should. NSLOOKUP done through the Novell DNS service times out after 2
seconds (message is: DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds.). I know
I've mis-configured something. Some facts that may help you figure out what
I've messed up:

The event and audit logs show nothing but "Agent ready" on "May 16 2004."
Named has been unloaded and reloaded since then as well as having the
service restarted.

The named screen after letting it run for a couple of days began showing
"Query Q exceeds size" messages in the 30,000 range. (I understand from the
knowledgebase this is not an error message, but if the queue is that size?)

Internet browsing is very, very slow for everyone on the internal network.

I do have a BorderManager proxy server in place but the "resolve.cfg" file
for that server identifies the correct DNS server (NSLOOKUP on the server
fails with the same message as above).

Can someone direct me where to look?

Thanks in advance!