I am preparing a plan to deploy NDPS printers, and as part of this plan we
need to create static IP addresses for the printers. What I would like to do
ideally is to turn the printer on, let it obtain an address, and then mark
it as permanent. However, my system administrator wants to restrict printers
to a range of 10.2.5.x. Using the management console, I can't see any option
for marking an address as permanent, or for taking an already assigned
address and changing it to a different one.

I can see how to create a manual address, and that is probably the option
that we will need to go with. However, I tried to create an address for a
device as a test, but it did not take the address I created. I created a
manual address, gave it the MAC type of "1 Ethernet" and the MAC address of
the device. When I turned on the machine, it grabbed an address from the
pool instead of the defined address. I am sure that I missed a step
somewhere along the line.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate
the assistance. I would really like to finish this project before the week
is out.