We have three Netware servers in our tree. I am trying to create a DHCP
server on our file and print server (the other two servers run GroupWise.) I
have the DNS/DHCP Management console installed but am unable to create the
DHCP server. When I browse to the server object and select Create DHCP
Server the error reads:

Database Error ENDS659 - NDS Error servers are not synchronized.

The server I want to use for the DHCP server is the reference server and the
two GroupWise servers are the secondary servers. The Time command states
that "Time synchronization is active" and "Time is NOT synchronized to the

The server time parameters are TIMESYNC CONFIGURED SOURCES "ON" on the
reference server and set to OFF for the secondary servers. Also the TIME
SYNC TIME SOURCES on the secondary servers are set to the ip address of the
reference server. All three servers are basically several seconds off of
each other. I'm not quite sure if this is actually the problem in creating
the DHCP server but the error message appears to be as such.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.