Ok, here is the senario. We currently have 1 domain that we use to manually
add name resolutions for static ip's, mostly servers. We want to implement
DDNS, but, we dont want all of the DHCP assigned devices to populate our
primary domain. Creating a new domain allows us to do this, but since DHCP
only allows one domain name registered to the workstation, we will not be
able to ping these DHCP devices by name if they are in a different domain.

So, how do I make this work? I've tried so far to create a secondary
domain, but unless the workstation has the suffix of that new domain, I cant
ping anything in it. I've looked under dhcp options to see if its something
I could add, but no luck. I dont want to add this suffix to all of our
workstations (if DHCP cant do it).

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks...