I just installed a new NW6.5 server. During the installation process, I
entered the wrong primary & secondary dns server addresses & wrong
default gateway. I have been in inetcfg, nwadmin, console1 and other
areas but cannot correct the situation. I'm missing something somewhere.

I went into INETCFG | Protocols | TCP/IP | LAN Static Routing Table to
change the gateway (Default Route), but on the timesync debugn screen,
messages continuously show "unable to contact the time source". I'm
trying to sync with This was used in an example I saw in
another message in the sever admin forum.

I also tried time-nw.nist.gov;123 and it's ip;123, but it
couldn't communicate with that either.

It looks like I may have a dns problem. I'm using the same two name
servers all the workstations are using.

Can someone provide a few detailed instructions regarding what tool and
exactly where I update this information?