I have just recently moved back into a Novell environment after spending the
last 5 years in UNIX and NT/Micro$oft networked environments. I have
admin'd Novell 3.11 and 4.1 servers in multi-server environments. I left
the Novell world just as 5 was rolling out and did attend quite a few of the
seminars re transitioning from IPX to pure IP ~ vague memories here ;o).

I am now admin'd to a single server Novell 5.1, with less than 25 users. I
need to get 3 users from another location with only a Windows peer to peer
network connected to the network in order to access a database that is
housed on the Novell server. Users do not need to print remotely, only
locally. Server is routing IP and today we established a VPN connection
between the two locations, both locations are happily doing their thing with
internet and email. The routers are providing DNS services and DHCP
services are being applied in the remote location. They are dynamically
obtaining IPs. In the established Novell network, we have static IP
addressing which is quite fine with me, being such a low volume of users.
Some questions:

1. Do I need to setup a DNS server on the Novell server, and why?

2. What do I need in place (other than a 3.32 or better client) on the 3
remote machines in order for them to connect to and access the database on
the Novell server?

Thanks, in advance, from a very rusty Novellite!