Sorry for the length of this. Wanted to make sure all details are
included. :)

I am having difficulty with DNS on Netware 6.5 Small Business Edition.
I have set up DHCP server, and integrated the DHCP with DNS.
My test network is public gw
Private card is
The public card is configured for Dynamic NAT only. Routing is

DHCP is enabled on the range from Router
in DHCP is and DNS option is also I
also enabled the NDS, tree name, and server name option in DHCP.

DNS forward lookup zone is apmtest.novl. I set the authoritative
server in all three zones (1 forward, two reverse lookup zones
(public/private) as the Netware server apm-nw65. I have configured DNS
forwarders to a public IP DNS server.

When I power up a w2k workstation on the private network, it is
offered an IP of Gateway option works great.

When I go into DNS through DHCP/DNS program (not on iManager), I see
the Workstation has been registered in the forward lookup zone, and
the reverse lookup zone. However, when I run nslookup on the W2k
Workstation, I get the following message

*** Can't find server name for address Non-existent
*** Default servers are not available
Default Server: UnKnown

When I type in a query for apm-nw65 (server name), I get

> apm-nw65

Server: []

*** [] can't find apm-nw65: Non-existent domain
> apm-nw65.apmtest.local

Server: []

*** [] can't find apm-nw65.apmtest.local: Non-existent

Server: []

*** [] can't find Non-existent domain

YET..when I put in, I get a reply.

Server: []

Non-authoritative answer:

Lastly, on the server, I can load Ping. apm-nw65 works fine (defined
in resolv.cfg). However, nothing for ws1 (the workstation). I get a
message saying "Cannot understand ws1 as a host name or

I have made changes to DNS, restarted the service, even rebooted the
server - to no avail.
Here are my questions.
1.) Is there a way to load named with debugging screens enabled? I see
named loaded, but that's it. It used to be named -v (verbose) but
that seems to have changed with NW 6.5.

2.) Any ideas on what I may be missing that is causing this DNS server
to not answer the queries?

Thank you in advance for any and all ideas sent.


Paul M. Muhlbach, A+, CNA, MCSA
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates