We recently upgraded to Netware 6.5, altho not sure if that's caused the
problem. We're having trouble with nslookups on IP addresses - seemingly at
random some addresses will not resolve to host names, although an nslookup
on the host name works fine.

This has particularly effected Unix servers which rely on nslookups. I
located TID10090583 which says that an in.addr.arpa zone should be created
for each subnet, but that is not how my setup works. Our network is all
10.xx.xx.xx, and I've one in.addr.arpa zone configured as 10.xx.xx.xx
servicing all subnets. When I create a PTR entry for SERVER1 on
I would enter

Owner name: 56.34.12
Hostname: SERVER1

So my question is, should this work ok, or do I need to create an individual
in.addr zone for each subnet?


Steve Law