Hello all,

Problem: I'm wondering if someone would be able to help me clear out
entries in a DNS table. Is this possible using Novell DNS/DHCP Management

My problem is I'm trying to run this procedure where data is transfered
from one PC [named spectrort038] (running NT) to a Server [named seqma025]
(running Win 2000).

When I type hostname at the cmd prompt on the PC it has the exact same
name as the Server seqma025. However, when I look under Network ID for
either system the names are different as they should be.

I can ping in both directions and even when I ping using ping -a I still
get different names for the systems. However, the tech guys assisting me
with this equipment tell me to clear the DNS entries.

Therefore how do I do this???

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm stuck big time!