NW6.0 box. It was at SP3 and we just upgraded to SP4. Since upgrading, I'm
now seeing errors on the named screen. I continuously see

QH_ns_resp: no addrs found for NS's

Some other lines that I'm seeing that are also new to me:

respond --> with id 136
respond --> with id 137
respond --> with id 2649

These lines basically continue to scroll. is the IP of the NW box itself. is the IP of our
email filter server.

This Netware server is our secondary internal DNS server. The other primary
one is still at NW6SP3 and everything looks fine. I've reloaded named on
the problem server, but I haven't done so yet on the SP3 server running our
primary DNS. I'm a little hesitant to do so!!

Any insight on this problem would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!