Hey all,

I'm having a weird problem here and I was wondering if anyone else had
seen something similar. I have 2 DNS servers running Netware 6 SP4 and
eDirectory 8.7.3. For the last two weeks, they have been "going deaf"
every couple of days. What I mean by going deaf is they no longer will
go outside for DNS resolutions. They will happily answer a query for a
zone that they are authoritative for, but they will no longer go to a
forwarder or the root servers. This all seemed to start after I did the
upgrade to eDirectory 8.7.3.

I couldn't find anything in the knowledgebase about this problem, so I
was hoping someone here could shed some light on it.

I am also considering upgrading to Netware 6.5 to fix this, since my 6.5
DNS servers haven't shown the same problem, and would like to know if
there is any chance that any corruption would occur to my DNS data in the
tree by doing an in-place upgrade.


Chris Oligher
Network Administrator
Empire Health Services, Spokane WA