We recently moved over to Netware DNS. In order to catch any devices that
still point to the old dns servers (now switched off) we bound that old dns
server's IP address to the new Netware server and found that any
workstations still pointing to that address were able to resolve hostnames
and perform nslookups. I'm not quite clear on what if anything I had to do
to get this working, except to reload named.

We recently upgraded to NW6.5 SP1, and now we find this secondary ip address
function isn't working. If I configure any workstation (NT 4) to use this
secondary address (which is still bound to the dns server and is pingable)
it can't resolve ("bad ipaddress") and an nslookup gives this response:

DNS request timed out
timeout was 2 seconds
**** can't find server name for address [2ndary ipaddress of dns server]
**** default servers are not available
Server: Unknown
Address: [2ndary ipaddress of dns server]

This used to work under NW6 SP4. I'm not sure if this failure is due to the
upgrade, or if something about the config has changed. I've created an entry
in the in.addr.arpa and primary zone for this secondary address, linking it
to the same hostname as the primary ipaddress of the dns server - no joy.

Any suggestions?


Steve Law