i have an existing DHCP server (nw5.1) on the private range of 192.168.0.x.
this works fine but the original designer only had the first 20 addresses as
static. not nearly enough. now i want to have static addresses up to 100.
any suggestions for this? is it a delete and recreation of the scope etc?

second is i want to add internal DNS to the same LAN segment. there is a
linux internal DNS now but it is going away.

third question. another office connected via VPN 192.168.1.x want. to
implement the same setup. these two offices are in the same tree.

is it generally preferred to have a OU setup for the objects needed (admin

for example:

Tree.Org.OrgU1 (office 1)
Tree.Org.OrgU2 (office 2)

adding the DNS / DHCP as


or just add the objects to the the top Org?

then have one as the primary internal dns server so only one DB needs to be
looked after.

any problems you see with this? any suggestions for a path to follow?

i have been looking at the NW6.5 docs.