I'm hoping somebody out there can help me figure out what I am missing. I am
trying to setup a DHCP server and I get an unusual error. Iam setting this
up using iManager 2.02 on a NW 6.5.1 server holding the Master Replica. I
create the DHCP server object without a problem. Creating the subnet also
goes smoothly. The problem arises when I try to configure DHCP options.
Specifically, the subnet mask. When I enter the subnet mask that I want DHCP
to hand out, I get the following error "Mask range must be larger than the
mask range defined in the subnet." This is confusing. Why must the mask
range be larger? Is there something I'm missing? Here are the actual
addresses I'm working with:

IP Network =
Mask =
Range = - (0 and 255 excluded)

The mask that I am forced to use is:, but that is for 1020
addresses and I only have 510.

Michael Fenyes
Network Administrator
Riverside County Community Health Agency