Couple of queries:

1) Is there any kind of guide to interpreting the output of the -mstats
and -qstats memory and query statistics command line options? Can't find
anything in the knowledgebase, and I can't make much sense of them.

2) What is the significance of the 'number of cpus' option? On a
multiprocessor server does it increase performance, load share dns activity
across cpus, etc?

3) How does the Fault Tolerance option work, and is using it simply a matter
of using the command line option? I understand it must refer to dns lookup
info cached in memory or files. Is enabling this a significant extra load on
the server?

Finally, wouldn't it be great if there was a command line option that
generated exports of dns-dhcp info, autosaving them to a default folder?
I've used the DNS exporting and importing process a lot and it's an
excellent way to backup and restore the dns info. Is this a wrong-headed
idea or could it be forwarded as an enhancement request?


Steve Law