Hi there,

I've just installed a NW6.5SP1 cluster with 4 nodes and when loading
NAMED.NLM the following errors are coming up:

critical: Volume iputils is not a cluster volume
critical: Unable to read locator reference from NCP server
critical: eDirectory login failed with error -10
error: Unable to get Journal log attribute or SOA sr. no. with error 25
error: apacstest.db.jnl: open: unexpected error
Loading the configuration and zone data completed.
DNS Server runnning

So my question is, is the server really running as I've tried to a ping on
each of the cluster nodes (resolv.cfg)and a workstation (changing DNS
server to point to cluster resource IP address) and getting unknown host.

I have created a cluster volume resource called IPUTILSPOOL_SERVER and it
contains volume called IPUTILS. When I load the NAMED.NLM -v (volume) it
reports the name should be not be longer than 16 characters, any help on
what name I should be using.

I followed the "DNS cluster enabling" documentation and no TID mentions
either. I see that there is an updated NAMED.NLM in SP2 beta but have
not found any mentions in the docs of any errors.


John Beeson